Vascular and Thrombocyte Disorders Quiz




Laboratory findings and clinical correlation

Gray-platelet syndrome

Absence of alpha granules

Presence of large platelets, and thrombocytopenia


Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome

Decreased number of alpha granules and

dense bodies

Presence of small platelets, thrombocytopenia and low mean platelet volume (MPV)

Hermansky-Pudlak syndrome

Lack of dense body granules


Patients exhibit oculocutaneous albinism

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Vascular system and Thrombocyte disorders

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Category: Coagulation

1. Which of the following platelet secreted proteins stimulates vasoconstriction when vessel injury occurs?

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Category: Coagulation

2. Which of the following when exposed during vessel injury activates the extrinsic pathway?

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Category: Coagulation

3. Which of the following are platelet agonists?

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Category: Coagulation

4. Which hereditary thrombocytes disorder is associated with deficiency of von Williebrand factor, decreased aggregation response to ristocetin, and decreased vWF: RCo, vWF: Ag, and VIII: C ?

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Category: Coagulation

5. Which hemorrhagic disorder is associated with lack of glycoprotein IIb/IIIa, normal response with ristocetin, decreased aggregation response with ADP, epinephrine, and collagen? 

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Category: Coagulation

6. A hereditary vascular disorder that causes thin blood vessel walls  and mucous membrane bleeding is?

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Category: Coagulation

7. A hereditary thrombocytes disorder that is caused by lack of functional GPIb-IX-V complexes on the platelet surface, and is associated with presence of large platelets, increased MPV, decreased aggregation response to ristocetin, and normal vWF: RCo, vWF: Ag?

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Category: Coagulation

8. What is the life span of platelets?

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Category: Coagulation

9. Vitamin C deficiency causes?

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Category: Coagulation

10. When Fibrinogen attaches to Ilb/IIIa receptor and forms a platelet plug. What is this process called?

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Category: Coagulation

11. A protein that is released during vessel damage and activates the fibrinolytic system is called?

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Category: Coagulation

12. Which vitamin aids in collagen synthesis?

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Category: Coagulation

13. When platelets adheres to neutrophils due to exposure to EDTA, this phenomenon is called?

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Category: Coagulation

14. A vascular disorder associated with hyperelastic skin and joint abnormalities is called?

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Category: Coagulation

15. Which test will detect defects in platelet adhesion and aggregation?

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Category: Coagulation

16. A vasodilator that inhibits platelet aggregation is called?

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Category: Coagulation

17. What is platelet adhesion?

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Category: Coagulation

18. Which of the following platelet factors neutralizes heparin?

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Category: Coagulation

19. A type of thrombocytosis characterized by increased platelet production, in response to thrombopoietin. 

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Category: Coagulation

20. Which of the following platelet secreted proteins induces platelet aggregation and vasoconstriction?

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Category: Coagulation

21. An acquired vascular disease associated with deposition of amyloid on skin and vascular walls.

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Category: Coagulation

22. The reference value for mean platelet volume (MPV) is approximately?


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Category: Coagulation

23. An X-linked hereditary disease characterized by thrombocytopenia with small platelet size, low MPV, decreased alpha granules and increased susceptibility to infections.

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Category: Coagulation

24. Uncontrolled, malignant proliferation of platelets, not in response to thrombopoietin is called?

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Category: Coagulation

25. What is the gene defect in Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome?

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Category: Coagulation

26. A carrier protein for factor VIII is?

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Category: Coagulation

27. Which of the following assays are used to asses von Willebrand factor?

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Category: Coagulation

28. Which of the following drugs interferes with platelet functions?

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Category: Coagulation

29. A storage pool defect disorder that is associated with the absence of alpha granules, presence of large platelets in peripheral smears, and thrombocytopenia.

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Category: Coagulation

30. A storage pool hereditary disorder, characterized by oculocutaneous albinism, bleeding tendency, and lack of dense body granules is called?

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Category: Coagulation

31. Which hemorrhagic disorder is caused by the inability of fibrinogen to bind with platelets due to lack of glycoprotein IIb/IIIa(fibrinogen binding receptor)?

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Category: Coagulation

32. What should you do when you observe this on a peripheral smear?

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